Never too old to start

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As my 37th year moves on I’m reminded every cliche told to me growing up rings true.”Kids are the best thing that will ever happen to you” TRUE”They grow up in a blink of an eye” TRUE”Nothing will ever be the same after they come along” TRUE But wait what about all the stuff no one says WAIT even talks about. What does being a Dad, husband, brother….Man today mean. I’m mostly confused, scared even worried if I’m doing this “Man” thing right.So what is my answer?Well in these pages I wanted to compile my thoughts and experiences asa) Something to do.b) Maybe a sort of therapy to get me through.When browsing online I found little help or advice, Lots of “How to dress” or “How to maintain a hipster bread” so I thought i’d have a go myself.┬áNever too old to start.Dad Dave